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Seeds | Alyssum Dwarf Purple

Seeds | Alyssum Dwarf Purple

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Lobularia maritima 'Royal Carpet.' Grow for a low-growing carpet of lovely, mauve, scented flowers that stays only 5-10cm (2-4") tall. Sow Dwarf Purple Alyssum seeds around the edge of veggie beds to improve pollination, or sprinkle them between cracks and paving stones to fill in with a moss-like appearance, followed by scores of tiny purple flowers. This Alyssum works well in containers and window boxes. It has a spreading habit, so is useful as a plant to fill in spaces between others. It is attractive to both pollinators and beneficial insects, making it generally useful to have in the garden.


    • Tender perennial
    • Grown as an annual
    • Short and compact
    • 5-10cm (2-4") tall
    • Spreading habit
    • Attracts pollinators
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