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Octopus Tentacle Planter | GLU3D 3D

Octopus Tentacle Planter | GLU3D 3D

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An eye-catching decorative piece on it's own, this eclectic planter will serve as a perfect showcase home for any plant, both indoor and outdoor.

 Either on a themed bookshelf or desktop, it will be an interesting conversation piece.

 Quality Materials Resistant to chemicals, impacts, and shattering.

Non-toxic, BPA-free, and 100% recyclable. Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Plants Won't deteriorate or warp when exposed to the sun, rain and cold.

Paintable Surface Can be sanded, primed, and painted with any suitable exterior spray paints or finishes. Made-to-order in Plano, TX.

Plants not included and only shown as examples.

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