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Tiny Orchid And Rare Moss Terrarium

Tiny Orchid And Rare Moss Terrarium

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Each of these stunning tiny terrariums comes with a rare a beautiful moss and a tiny orchid (Serapias lingua) which sends out its leaves early spring, flowers from spring though to end of June. Easy to care for they do not need much water and support partial shade to full shade, meaning they are perfect house plants.

Rare moss varieties :

Andreaea alpina - Dark red moss with tiny green flecks

Philonotis seriata - The bright lime green with red stems 

Cinclidium stygium - Translucent leafy flower like moss.

Spray your tiny terrariums 2 or 3 times a week and they will be happy, giving you joy year after year. This tiny terrariums are a perfect gift for any occasion or brighten up you work place, window sill or book case, as a coffee table centre piece, they will always make a great conversational starter.

For online order or shipping please contact us for in stock moss varieties.

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