Collection: Life Junkie

Life is a gift.

Life Junkie is a passion project that came from a promise made to a friend during one of the last conversations they had on this earth. I choose to use life lessons to grow, share, inspire and see the bright side of life.

The act of living is ours for the taking.  

All life's challenges, big or little lead us to valuable lessons if we so choose to understand and receive them. 

After years of reading, counselling, mediation, journaling and a lot of hard work; I have chosen to live life to my fullest ability.  I have chosen to live in love, integrity and empathy and to share my love, knowledge and life lessons.  

Being a Life Junkie is about creating a life that is wholesome, compassionate, positive and environmentally conscious.  This project and the products provided are created to inspire others to live their best lives, to build one another up, share knowledge and gifts with others in hopes that all people will continue to grow and live their life fully and on purpose.