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Cactus | Zygote Christmas cactus

Cactus | Zygote Christmas cactus

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This genus of cacti only contains 6-9 species. It’s originwas in the coastal mountains of Brazil growing off the sides of trees and rocks making it a epiphytic plant.  There has been some back and forth over the years with botanists on the taxonomy of this plant starting in the 1800’s with the genus Schlumbergera being created in 1858. In 1890 a new genus was created called Zygocactus, but was later abandoned however this common name has stuck over the years. 

Botanical name: Schlumbergera truncata 

Common name: Zygote, holiday cactus 

Kingdom: Plantae

Family: Cactaceae

Genus: Schlumbergera

Origin: Brazil coastal mountain region 


Light:  Bright indirect light 

Water: Allow  to dry most of the way before watering.

Fertilizer: With active growth (even in winter) we recommend using a fertilizer based for foliage plants like Dynagro foliage proGaia green 444 or fish fertilizer. When in bloom try using Dynagro bloom pro or algae fertilizer.

Pet Friendly: Yes


Plants in picture will not be exact plant. Plants and pots sold separately. Shipping of plants is weather permitted.


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