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West Coast Seeds

Seeds | Western Yarrow

Seeds | Western Yarrow

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Achillea millefolium var. occidentalis. This is an important native North American wildflower and pollinator plant. It thrives particularly in recently disturbed soil. Because of this feature, Western Yarrow seeds are especially useful for planting around work sites, septic berms, or roadside areas. This variety grows 25-90cm (10-36") tall, with densely hairy, lacy, fern-like leaves. It has an extended bloom period from May to September, and is very attractive to beneficial insects, including predatory wasps, ladybird beetles, and hover-flies. Western Yarrow is also highly drought-resistant, so it's excellent for xeriscaping and erosion control. It is widely used in New Zealand as pasture.


    • North American native
    • Blooms May to September
    • Drought tolerant
    • Deer resistant


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