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Repotting Services

Repotting Services

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Not sure where to start with repotting? Or perhaps you don't want the mess in your home. Bring in your plants and we can repot for you. A standard repotting service has fixed rates, however in some cases where it's more complex or requires extra time additional fees will be added.

Great things to add on during a repotting service are the following :

Moss, coco or modular poles.

Soil activator to help reduce the risk of transplant shock.

When you buy a plant and a decorative pot in store we will do a complimentary repotting service for you if you wish. Plastic pots and terracotta pots are EXEMPT from this offer.


1. We do not repot bonsais.

2. Plants can go through whats called transplant shock. We do our absolute best to avoid. We do not guarantee any plants after repotting you are knowingly accepting this risk when you have us repot your plants. Generally healthy plants are not affected by this, plants that are long overdue for repotting are the most susceptible to it.

3. If you are bringing plants in winter months know that if it is below 0 degrees it is absolutely necessary to protect you plants from the cold air. Pickier plants like ficus we recommend to wrap under 10 degrees. The leaves can die from cold exposure in a mere matter of seconds. 

4. Having us repot your plants knows you are aware of the risks of repotting plants and accept these in full. We are not held responsible for any issues that may arise post repotting. All services are final sale. 

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