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Seeds | Praire Coneflower Ratibaba

Seeds | Praire Coneflower Ratibaba

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Ratibida columnifera. Plant this perennial wildflower in your organic flower garden, or grow it in containers. Ratibida Prairie Coneflower seeds are useful for water-wise xeriscaping plans because the plants are native to the central prairies and mountains, and accustomed to drought, high heat, and high humidity. The central cone of each flower is surrounded by lovely bright red petals tipped in fiery sun-bright yellow. The strap-like leaves are bluish green and form a rosette. Avoid getting the leaves wet (or water only first thing in the morning) to prevent the onset of foliar disorders like powdery mildew. Flowers appear from late spring to autumn, and stems can range from 60-150cm (24-60") tall.


    • Useful xeriscaping flower
    • Perennial
    • Bright red and yellow
    • Grows to 150cm (60") tall


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