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Butterwort | Pinguicula Primuliflora

Butterwort | Pinguicula Primuliflora

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Pinguicula (Butterworts) Temperate:
Most Pinguicula species are native to the Northern Hemisphere. Mexico is home to the most diverse selection of Butterworts.
     In the wild, Butterworts are indigenous to a variety of climatic zones, from the subarctic to the Caribbean tropics. The habitat of Pinguicula is equally diverse, as Butterworts can be found in the wet, peaty bogs of northern Canada as well as the hot, dry calcareous cliffs of southern Mexico.
     Pinguicula species produce some of the most vibrant, striking flowers of the carnivorous plant world.

Water:   It is very important to use distilled or rain water on carnivorous plants. In a pinch you can use tap water that has been out for several hours to naturally dissipate. Keep in a saucer to bottom water plant. The media should never dry out. Aim for moist or lightly wet.

Light: Bright indirect light. Can tolerate moderate light

Feeding: Butterworts are an excellent choice of fungus gnats or other small flying insects. 

 Botanical Name: Pinguicula primuliflora

Common Name: Butterwort

Size: 2.5" grow pot


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