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Microgreens | Three Week Blend| Seeds

Microgreens | Three Week Blend| Seeds

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For a blend of truly wild colours and flavours, plant the Three Week Microgreen seeds. This blend is spicy, crunchy, and eye-catching, making a sophisticated garnish or side salad. Use this blend as a salad topper or garnish for great visual appeal. And take advantage of all of the nutrients and antioxidants of the greens themselves. This blend contains amaranth, komatsuna, shunigku, orach, and giant red mustard. Guaranteed colour and lots of flavour! And what's best, it only takes three weeks from planting to eating. Try rotating trays of seeds so there is always some coming ready to harvest.

    • Ready to harvest in 3 weeks
    • Very distinctive flavour
    • Great visual appeal
    • Perfect for container growing
    • Nutritional super-food!

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