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Fern | Serpent

Fern | Serpent

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A true dwarf tropical fern with a low, creeping habit that showcases dark green, wavy, strap-like leaves. Laue’e fern is highly disease and pest resistant and looks attractive in a small pot or a hanging basket. 

Light: Likes bright, indirect light. Will tolerate some sun. Too much sun will stunt and discolor the fronds making them unattractive unless there is lots of water available.

Water: Water: Ferns despise drying out. Only allow the top 1/4 inch of the top soil to dry. Water little, but frequent around every 4 to 5 days to top up moisture levels. Doing a top up watering technique you should not have the water coming through the bottom or this can lead to overwatering. However if you have let the fern dry out around 1/2 then do a thorough watering. It is a bit risky to let then dry out too much. Humidifiers help as well as grouping plants to raise the humidity in immediate area.

Fertilizer: Every second month feed with half strength liquid fertilizer.

Pets: Yes, pet friendly.

Kingdom: Plantae

Family: Polypodiaceae

Genus: Microsorium 

Botanical name: Microsorium scolopendrium

Common name: Laua'E Lki Fern or serpent fern

Light: Moderate to bright indirect light 

Water: Ferns don't like to dry out, but it's important that they aren't over watered either. Do this by watering with less water- more frequently around every 5 days giving the plant a "top up". The water shouldn't flow through the bottom with this watering protocol  because that is too much water. If you have let the fern dry out too much then certainly give it a thorough water where the water does drain through the bottom.

Fertilizer: With active growth (even in winter) we recommend using a fertilizer based for foliage plants like Dynagro foliage pro, Gaia green 444 or fish fertilizer.

Plants in picture will not be exact plant.

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