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Laua'E Lki Fern

Laua'E Lki Fern

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A true dwarf tropical fern with a low, creeping habit that showcases dark green, wavy, strap-like leaves. Laue’e fern is highly disease and pest resistant and looks attractive in a small pot or a hanging basket. 

Light: Likes bright, indirect light. Will tolerate some sun. Too much sun will stunt and discolor the fronds making them unattractive unless there is lots of water available.

Water: Does well in evenly moist, well drained soil and will die if left in standing water. Mist to offer humidity during winter months.

Fertilizer: Every second month feed with half strength liquid fertilizer.

Pets: Yes, pet friendly.

Kingdom: Plantae

Family: Polypodiaceae

Genus: Microsorium 

Botanical name: Microsorium scolopendrium

Common name: Laua'E Lki Fern

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