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Kapow Vase

Kapow Vase

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Kapow! Bang! Boom! A design juxtaposition; this porcelain bud vase subverts the evil of war with the beauty of flowers and color.

The Kapow vase was designed to make you smile and think, it’s a functional conversation piece. You want something different in life and cool vases like these Kapow modern flower pots are designed just for you.

The original and unusual combat themed accent will help you soldier on towards a living space that is more uniquely you and maybe raise a few eyebrows while you’re at it.

Fill these modern flower pots with with a sampling of flowers like Freesia, Hydrangea and Spray Rose or even desk supplies! Have fun with delicate and understated flowers or go for broke and leave that one big stem of Peony in there to say all you never could.

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