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Bonsai | Japanese Juniper 6" in Flat Pot

Bonsai | Japanese Juniper 6" in Flat Pot

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Start your own bonsai tree from small. Feel the challenge of creating a lasting masterpiece, and experience the pride of an achievement worth boasting. Let your green thumb shine with this distinguished Bonsai!

Botanical name: Juniperus procumbens

Common name: Japanese Juniper Bonsai

Kingdom: Planta

Family: Cupressacea

Genus: Juniperus

Origin: North America, Europe, Asia, Japan

Light: We have found in a Calgary home the Junipers like to be grown in low to moderate light. Nothing to strong of direct of the needles tend to be burned easily. Be  mindful that the more light your bonsai (or any plant) is in the more water it will go through.  When bringing home your new plant monitor it every 2-3 days in it's new spot to ensure it's health and getting to know the plant watering and light needs. Watching them every few days for the first 2 weeks is recommended to make sure any issues that come up can be dealt with.

Water: Junipers don't like having wet roots, however in Calgary the air moisture is very low. This means the plants will be very sensitive to soil moisture. These plants can't dry out to much or their needles crisp up and in our experience they don't bounce back well. With older, more compacted bonsai soil we recommend to a deep water 1 x a week. To do a deep water you place your bonsai in a bowl or saucer and slowly pour water over the soil surface. Make sure that you are getting the water evenly over all the soil roots. Do this layered watering technique several times waiting between watering layers. The water will eventually drain through to the bowl underneath. Let plant soak in the water for 20-30 minutes. After soaking remove from bowl and allow all excess water to drain completely. Depending on how dry your home is and how much light your plant is receiving you will need to top up the plants water through the week. Using a sprayer or a long neck watering can for accuracy moisten the plant from the top. You only need to provide a little bit of water if the the top has dried out. We find this can be anywhere from 1-3 days for the plants. We call this a top up water, be sure not to give too much water as they are a follow up to the previous soak, and you want to prevent over watering, while simultaneously not letting the plant dry out too much. 

*Please not that when you repot your juniper, the soil will hold more moisture and watering won't need to be done as often as old, compacted soil. Junipers should never be repotted and pruned at the same time. Please allow 3-6 months between a prune or repot. 

Fertilizer: With active growth (even in winter) we recommend using a fertilizer based for bonsai plants like Dynagro Bonsai.

Pet Friendly: Minor toxicity to dogs-especially puppies, not toxic or harmful to cats.

Plants in picture will not be exact plant. Plants and pots sold separately. Shipping of plants is weather permitted.

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