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Mossify | Growable Moss for the Sun

Mossify | Growable Moss for the Sun

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✅ Yes! This moss species can grow in the sun. ☀️ Growable Moss for the Sun: * One bag of Growable Moss for the Sun contains 16 oz. of moss fragments. * One bag of Growable Moss for the Sun covers up to 15 square ft.
This type of moss contains pre-ground fragments of Bryum Caespeticium. A slow-growing moss species that enjoys the shade but can also withstand direct sunlight and will stay beautifully green when kept moist in the sun.

How to apply: *Place the Growable Moss for the Sun in a bucket with a few cups of water or spread the Growable Moss on your desired area and mist it throughly with water; *If you placed the Growable Moss in a bucket, let it stand for 10 minutes; *Then apply the gel-like paste to any surface, whether it be pavement, wood, flagstone, rock or soil. We recommend germinating your Growable Moss for the Sun outdoors. Please make sure the area you want to plant is constantly watered and moist during germination. Enjoy! 💚

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