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George Glass Bud Vase

George Glass Bud Vase

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This series of clear bud vases have been the choice of florists and flowers lovers for many a year now. 5 shapes for these small glass bud vases, which should cover every preference of curvature.

The line has never changed or altered and is still going strong after all these years. Named after George Foreman's kids: George 1, George 2, George 3, George 4 and George 5 these clear bud vases are staple, all-purpose floral containers. T

here is an extra layer of glass on the bottom of each so that they are thick and heavyand do not tip over. Perfect for a single stem or a small bouquets/posies. Scatter around the home for those odd clippings from the garden or use to decorate tables for special occasions or events.

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