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Drosera Spathulata | Rosette Sundew

Drosera Spathulata | Rosette Sundew

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Sundews are indigenous to a wide range of climatic zones, from the Canadian and Alaskan subarctic to the tropical rainforests of northern Australia.    
     There are many subtropical and tropical species suitable for the indoor terrarium or a sunny windowsill. Some species of Sundews, such as Drosera capensis (Cape Sundew), are excellent beginner's plants, due to their ease of cultivation.

     Sundews are not fussy plants in regards to media; a 50/50 mix of peat moss and coarse sand or perlite works well for the majority of Drosera species.


Water:   It is very important to use distilled or rain water on carnivorous plants. In a pinch you can use tap water that has been out for several hours to naturally dissipate.Keep in a saucer to bottom water plant. The media should never dry out. Aim for moist or lightly wet.

Light: Some pitcher plants like hardy vs tropical will have slightly different light conditions. These ones require full sun. Grows well under grow lights or south facing window.

Feeding: Sundews are an excellent choice of fungus gnats or other small flying insects. 


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