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Cypress Lime

Cypress Lime

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The lemon cypress tree, also called Goldcrest after its cultivar, is a variety of Monterey cypress. It gets its common name from the powerful strong lemon scent that its branches exude if you brush against them or crush their foliage. Grow best in cooler areas in your house. 

Light: Select a window that provides good sunlight and turn the container regularly to give each side a turn. The houseplant requires six to eight hours of direct sun. Without rotating it, it is likely to exhibit uneven and lopsided growth.

Water: Essential for lemon cypress houseplant care. They won’t forgive you if you don’t give them drenching once a week – you’ll see brown needles appear. Water whenever the soil is dry. Don't overwater, though, as that may cause root rot. 


Pet Friendly: Yes

Kingdom: Plantae

Family: Cupressaceae

Genus: Hesperocyparis

Botanical name: Hesperocyparis macrocarpa

Common name: Cypress Lime

Plants in picture will not be exact plant.

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