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Seeds | Parsley Chevril

Seeds | Parsley Chevril

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Anthriscus cerefolium. A delicate parsley-like plant with a hint of licorice aroma, its delicate flavour disappears in cooking so add it just prior to serving or add raw leaves fresh to salads. Chervil likes to grow in a cool season, and it actually thrives in partial shade. Direct-sow chervil seeds in spring or late summer. Harvest the flowers just before they open, and make the most of the foliage before flowering begins. If allowed to flower and go to seed, it may self sow. This is an underrated herb, and remains a stranger to many North American gardeners. We love it.

    • Delicate leaves with a hint of licorice
    • Pick just before flowers open
    • Add to food just before serving
    • Likes to grow in a cool season
    • Will grow in partial shade

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