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Ficus | Creeping Fig

Ficus | Creeping Fig

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 These small leave trailing plants are great for their use in terrariums. They can also be lovely trailing standalone plants.

Botanical name: Ficus Pumila

Common name: Creeping fig

Kingdom: Plantae

Family: Moraceae

Genus: Ficus

Origin: Native to east Asia

Light: Moderate indirect to bright indirect light

Water: Allow to dry about half way between watering. If it dries out to much the leaves will drop. If the leaves start turning brown or mushy that's a sign of overwatering.

Fertilizer: With active growth (even in winter) we recommend using a fertilizer based for foliage plants like Dynagro foliage proGaia green 444 or fish fertilizer.

Pet Friendly: No mildy toxic

Plants in picture will not be exact plant. Plants and pots sold separately. Shipping of plants is weather permitted.

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