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Ficus | Benjimina Curly (Weeping)

Ficus | Benjimina Curly (Weeping)

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This is a great plant for beginners as it's not as picky as some of the other ficus around. Good for use in reptile set ups.

Light: Ficus genus loves bright indirect light.

Water: Water when the top inch or so of soil is dried out.

Pets: All ficus genus can be toxic to dogs and cats. Not a good choice if your pets eat your plants!

Note** Ficus does not like the cold! Keep out of drafty rooms or beside cold windows in winter to prevent the bitchy infamous leaf drop.

Kingdom: Plantae

Family: Rosales 

Genus: Ficus

Botanical name: Ficus benjamina

Common name: Weeping fig tree

Plants in picture will not be exact plant.

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