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Seeds | Microclover (Pelleted) 50g

Seeds | Microclover (Pelleted) 50g

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Trifolium repens var. Pipolina. More and more home owners are seeing the advantages of replacing lawn areas by incorporating micro clover seed. As a legume, micro clover fixes atmospheric nitrogen in nodes along its roots. This directly benefits grasses by fertilizing the soil naturally. Healthier grasses maintain a richer colour for longer in the season, and require less water and no further fertilizer whatsoever. Because clover grows so densely, it crowds out weeds, and prevents weed seeds from becoming established.

Contrary to what its name implies, Micro Clover is not simply a tiny version of standard clover. This variety demonstrates "vegetative elasticity," which means that in response to repeated mowing, its growth form changes over time.

When micro clover is mowed, its leaves grow tiny and numerous, with fewer flowers than conventional clovers. It can be mowed shorter than typical lawn grasses, and it's tough enough for children and pets to play on. Studies show that it also becomes established faster than grass seeds.

For homeowners whose lawns have been ruined by the predators of chafer beetle larvae, there is hope with micro clover! Eliminate the lawn altogether, and plant thickly with micro clover seeds. Adult chafer beetles are not attracted to legumes and will go elsewhere to lay their eggs.

When grass is 5-8cm (2-3") high, cut for the first time. Trim lightly and gradually lower blades to an ideal cutting height of 25mm (1").

Sow micro clover seeds between the period two weeks prior to your last frost date, and 4 weeks prior to your first average frost date. For the BC Lower Mainland, that is approximately March 15 to October 5. Over-seeding existing lawn may not work, as the seeds need to be in contact with moist soil in order to germinate. Micro Clover is hardy to Zone 3.

This seed is pelleted for easier distribution — the seeds can be seen more easily on the soil. 

Click here to check out our Micro Clover Seeding Calculator.

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    • Stays green
    • Mows super short
    • Makes lawns healthier
    • Needs less water
    • Eliminates weeds
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