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Hieroglyphics Egyptian Planter Pot 4" | GLU3D 3D

Hieroglyphics Egyptian Planter Pot 4" | GLU3D 3D

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Inspired by actual ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic tablets, this container transports you and your plants to the pyramids on the shores of the Nile. A perfect home for your indoor or outdoor plants.

Can be used as a planter, catch pot, pencil holder, or any in number of home decor situations. Chosen to  feature the planter in Gold, as ancient Egyptians believed gold was the skin of the gods.

Measures 4.5 inches wide and 4 inches tall.

Quality Materials - resistant to chemicals, impacts, and shattering.

Non-toxic, BPA-free, and 100% recyclable.

Plants not included and only shown as examples.

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