Repotting Services


You may have lack of knowledge, skill, time or just don't want to deal with dirt in your home. We offer in-store potting services for all your plant babies. 

Our prices range from $1-3 dollars per inch of soil. There is a range because some plants require more work to repot then others. For example a plant that is extremely root bound and compacted takes extra time and attention to untangle the roots safely.


$1-3    Soil (per inch of pot diameter) $1-3

Add ons+

$7        Per vial Houseplant invigorator 

$6        Soil Activator  ( helps with transplant shock)

$2-10   Biochar 

            MOSSify poles 

$30-55   Moss 

$20-$40 Coco 

$5+        Bamboo Trellising 

$5 +       Pest Treatments 

Pot add ons +

$.50 - $12 Plastic Nursery Pot

$31-$195 Ceramic Peach & Pebble Pot (Doesn't include saucer)

$10-$123 Hybrid Resin Kanso Pots

$2-$22 Terracotta pot (Doesn't include saucer)

BYOP Bring your own pot. Have your own pot then bring it in with you!

We have a variety of pots that can be used to plant directly into with drainage holes in saucers including terracotta, ceramic and hybrid resins. We typically recommend to plant into a plastic nursery pot and place this into a the cover pots, but that's not always an option. When possible we will reuse plastic nursery pots at no extra charge. If we do not have one available from our reuse stock one will be charged.