Hi! I'm Meaghan, founder of 'The Botanist'. My original roots come from the beauty industry. For over 20 years I've had the privilege of connecting with people through the art of hair. In recent years I have delved into improving my lifestyle to be more healthful. I finally started to keep plants alive indoors and started gardening and growing microgreens around the same time. Plants brought life to my space and caring for them for me was very therapeutic, not to mention the proven health benefits of being around nature (I brought the jungle inside). Learning how to grow my own food connected me on a whole new level, not to mention the appreciation I gained for farmers and having grocery stores when my crops failed. To me plants are everything, they liven up spaces, they clean our air, they store carbon, they are our food. My goal is to help people learn about how they can use plants to amplify their lives, grow community and learn how we can together work on sustainability in a modern world for a better future.

Create, connect and cultivate.


Meet The Team


The ultimate houseplant lover! When she's not at the shop she spends a lot of her time volunteering at the local animal shelter. She loves animals so much in fact that she is in uni to work towards her dreams of becoming a vet. Mom to an adorable beardie named Lily her fave plant is....well there's too many to list, but she's a sucker for the classic Monstera deliciosa aka Swiss cheese plant.