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Soil Booster + (Granular Humate)

Soil Booster + (Granular Humate)

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Soil Booster Plus is a very effective Lawn and Garden blend of our product and is produced specifically for a Lawn & Garden application.

The application rates below are the recommended rates for Lawn and Garden initial application. 

32 Gram bag:
This bag size is perfect for the apartment gardener as it provides enough product for a 3 ' X 5' garden plot, about 15 square feet.
1 lb jug:
This will treat 200 square feet of lawn, garden or whatever your needs may be.

1.75 lbs container:
This will treat 380 square feet. Great for the backyard gardener.

7 lb jug :
This will treat 500 square feet. Perfect for the home owner thats wants their lawn and garden to be lush and healthy.

25 lb pail:
This pail will treat about 5400 square feet.
40 lb pails:
This is for larger acreages. A pail of this size treats 8500 square feet.​
Please note that "The Botanist" only carries quantities is smaller amounts for the urban gardener. Please go direct to website for larger amounts here.

The above rates are initial minimum rates and can safely be used at a heavier rate if you have soil issues.​
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