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Garden Seedling | Self Heal Prunella

Garden Seedling | Self Heal Prunella

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These seedlings were started right her in Calgary, grown all organically without the use of any sprays or pesticides.

Exposure  Full sun to partial shade

zone  zone 5

Prunella vulgaris ssp. lanceolata.

This plant has both edible leaves and flowers. The plant is prized in folk medicine for centuries.  The small pink to purple flowers are rich in pollen and bloom early in the season, so they are an important food source for butterflies, bumble bees, long horned bees, sweet bees, and honey bees. Goldfinches eat the tiny seeds after the flowers finish.

This perennial is hardy to Zone 5, and stays evergreen in south coastal BC. Plant Self-Heal in full sun in cooler gardens or partial shade where summers are hot. The plant is tolerant to drought, but keep the soil moist during very hot weather. Cut back to the ground after flowering. This plant makes an excellent ground cover or lawn replacement, and will bloom even when it has been mowed.

Prunella grows 5-30cm (2-12") tall. Add it to lawns or wildflower blends. Plant at 21-42g per 1000 square feet - or 2-4 lb per acre.


    • Perennial
    • Hardy to Zone 5
    • Edible leaves & flowers
    • Lawn alternative

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