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Seeds | Radish Mini Red

Seeds | Radish Mini Red

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Mini Red Daikon radish seeds are also known as Shunkyo. The red radish of northern Chinese cuisine is both hot and sweet in flavour. It has bright red skin over tender, crisp, white flesh. The tops are delicious and spicy. This daikon is fast growing and slow to bolt, so it can be planted for spring or fall production. So and grow as you would turnips, thinning them to 15-20cm (6-8") apart. Hybrid vigour brings uniformity and speedy growth to this lovely radish variety. For home gardeners on the coast, plan on sowing short rows three or four times in March and April, and again in September and October. This will result in a steady harvest, and they won't all be ready to pick at once.

Matures in 30-40 days. (Hybrid seeds)

    • Fast growing
    • AKA Shunkyo
    • Northern Chinese type
    • Matures in 30-40 days
    • Hybrid seeds

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