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Peperomia | Obtusifolia Variegated

Peperomia | Obtusifolia Variegated

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Often called the baby rubber plant although there is no relation. Obtusifolia has thick, green upright leaves and can sometime have variegation. Peperomias are considered to be semi-succulents at times meaning they can store water in their leaves, however they are not drought tolerant.

Botanical Name: Peperomia Obtusifolia

Common name: Varigated baby rubber

Kingdom: Plantae

Family: Piperaceae

Genus: Peperomia

Origin: Amazon South America


Light: Moderate to bright indirect light

Water: Allow soil to dry about 1/2-3/4 of the way dry then give them a thorough water. It's important not to water these plants too much or underwater them. Over-watering can cause rot signs of this will be mushy plant stem and leave with dark brown colourings. Under-watering will make them wilt signs of this is thin leaves, mixed with too little water and too much light you will get light brown scarring/ sun burn as well.

Fertilizer: With active growth (even in winter) we recommend using a fertilizer based for foliage plants like Dynagro foliage pro, Gaia green 444 or fish fertilizer.

 Pets: Yes, pet friendly. Non toxic. 


Plants in picture will not be exact plant.

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