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Passion | Scorpion | Inspired Candle

Passion | Scorpion | Inspired Candle

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Scorpions (as a totem) are symbols of passion, dominance, defense, transformation and rebirth.  It has been said that people born under this totem are not the ones to mess around with since their characters are highly sensitive, emotional and defensive. 

 Scorpions are symbols of self-reliance and unique spirit that is passionate and untameable. In Western Astrology, scorpions are signs that reflect a passionate and dangerous personality. They are guided by deep emotions and often mysterious to everyone around them.

This scent is very assertive and bold with slightly sweet notes. Mahogany, Cuban tobacco, teak, leather, black pepper. 

About our candles…

  • 100% Premium soy

  • Cotton wick (primed with high melt natural wax)

  • Phthalate free essential oils or (perfume grade) fragrance that is Phthalate free

  • Embedded with one or more gemstones:  clear quartz, smoky quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, black tourmaline, green aventurine

The Inspired Series

Animals teach us so very much about life, such as compassion, humility and unconditional love. They can teach you to be present in the moment, trust, loyalty and playfulness and they bring so much joy.  The Inspired Series was created from a place of love (for animals) but also as a part of a bigger picture as it relates to spirit animals and the guidance and protection they embody.


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