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Peony | Paper Flower Kit

Peony | Paper Flower Kit

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Crépe paper flowers are the biggest new trend in  crafts and they’re so easy to make! Learn how to create a stunning paper peony with this papercraft kit. Packaged into a gorgeous display box, this kit makes a wonderful creative gift for your mum or creative friend.

And anyone who enjoys papercraft or floristry will take to this hobby really easily. We have included enough paper and wire to create one large bloom, one bud on a stalk and a set of leaves. But the templates can be kept and used over and over again if you wanted to carry on and make more. Paper flowers like this don’t need water and are made onto wires and so can be used in interior decorations, bridal favours and even cake toppers - the opportunities for creativity are endless!

Inside your kit: You will find high-quality Italian crépe paper in blush pink, leaf green and yellow; a set of stub wires in two sizes; bespoke templates; full photographic step-by-step instructions.

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