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Palm | Pigmy Date

Palm | Pigmy Date

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The Pygmy Date Palm is an easy to care for plant which displays very narrow (compared to other palms) arching leaflets.

This feather type species (P.roebelenii) is a slow growing ornamental palm that's well adapted to growing indoors, unlike other phoenix plants from this genus. Indoors they grow up to approximately 4 - 6ft which is quite a manageable size for most homes.

Light: They prefer bright light with a mixture of sunlight and shade.

Water: Water less in winter and more in spring/summer. Water when the top of the soil starts to become slightly dry. Over-watering will cause this plant possible root and leaf problems, or worse (kill it off). A good drainage container is advisable to house the plant. I find watering and misting with tepid filtered or distilled water is best used to avoid growing problems.

Pets: Yes pet friendly.

Comes in a 10"/3 gallon growers pot. 

*Plants in picture are not always the exact plant  just examples.

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