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The Botanist Calgary

Garden Seedling | One Ball Wonder Zucchini

Garden Seedling | One Ball Wonder Zucchini

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These seedlings were started right her in Calgary, grown all organically without the use of any sprays or pesticides.

This zucchini is sweet and small producing high yields and one plant is often enough for one family. Give about 2 feet between plants. 

Cucurbita pepo. One Ball is a fabulous new hybrid zucchini with golden skinned fruits that are nearly spherical. The shiny fruits come in a continuous and concentrated set, and they're perfect at 8-12cm (3-5") in diameter. They can be harvested at larger sizes, but the sweet flavour is best when they are small. They can be sliced, fried, baked whole, or stuffed. One Ball is tolerant to Zucchini Yellow Mosaic Virus and Watermelon Mosaic Virus.

Matures in 48 days (Hybrid seeds)

    • C. pepo
    • Compact and upright
    • Almost spherical fruits
    • Good disease resistance
    • Matures in 48 days

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