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Spring & Summer Candles | Life Junkie

Spring & Summer Candles | Life Junkie

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Midnight Garden
This scent is meant to embody the feeling of walking down the garden path taking in the scent of the warm night sky, the cool dirt and the sweet romantic scent of the flowers blooming. This is a lovely bouquet of rich, sweet and beautiful flowers, rounded with warm notes; just like a warm spring day.

Notes: Magnolia Blossom, sandalwood, tropical plumeria, rose


Love Letter

Love Letter is a timeless beauty that feels like the sunshine washing over the room with fresh cut flowers in a vase; love is in the air.  This is such a romantic and classic scent and grounded wiuj warm, cozy notes of vanilla. Light this beauty and feel the love. 

Notes: Gardenia, vanilla, bergamot

Moonlit Stroll

This scent is the earthiest scents of the Springtime collection with rich warm notes of redwood cedar, tabac and fig. This scent is meant to embody a moonlit stroll through the garden or laying in the hammock savouring the season, the scents and the moment.

Notes: tabac, redwood cedar, fig

Bring on the bright, fresh, vibrant, sunshiny days of springtime!!!
Now is the time when we are cracking our windows open and breathing in all of the fresh air, all of the sunshine and getting outside more and more.

This scent is meant to be a huge ray of sunshine in your day, in your space and in your life. My hope when you smell this scent is that you can feel the absolute joy and love.

Satsuma, guava, vanilla, love

About our candles…

  • 100% Premium soy (vegan, sustainable)

  • Phthalate & paraben free essential oils and / or fragrance oil (non toxic)

  • Cotton wick (lead free, primed with natural wax)

  • Embedded with one or more gemstones

  • Charged with Reiki energy

Springtime Collection

Springtime brings a sence of newness, fresh growth and new blossoms. Springtime is the time when we start to crack the windows open to get the fresh air back in the house and see the buds on the trees, and little flowers start to blossom.

The days start to become longer as the days (and nights) start to get warmer. Springtime is often described as the “best season” because trees start to blossom, flowers start to push through the earth and things are starting to come alive again. It is a time of renewal and awakening.

This is the time when the natural world seems to become invigorated and revived after a cold winter slumber.

I have created these scents to embody the feel of Springtime with her glorious bright sunshine, beautiful blossoms, fresh rain fall and long days and walks in the moonlight.

My wish for you is that this candle and the love that it was made with brings you all you need in this moment. I hope this brings joy and love to your space & your life that it brings all of the good energy of the universe and provide light and love always.

I encourage you to choose the path of love & keep living an Inspired Life.


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