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Garlic | Mexican Purple Hardneck

Garlic | Mexican Purple Hardneck

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Very spicy when raw. This is a great choice for baking as it mellows out the flavours. It is well known in places like Mexico and Peru, but has been gaining massive popularity in North America over the years. It's part of the purple stripe sub group which is known for the heat!

The skin is silvery with purple stripes and the purple colour does get effected by the weather some people say.

Zone: 2

Difficulty : Easy

Storage life : Up to 6 months

Deer resistant: Yes

Please note that when harvesting there may be discrepancies in what is available. We will do our best to fulfil orders. Once garlic has arrived we will notify customers that pre-purchased garlic orders for pickup.

2.50 per bulb

1 pound approx 15 bulbs

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