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Lithop W/ Rock | Succulents

Lithop W/ Rock | Succulents

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These funky looking plants are nicknamed living stones due to their rock like appearance. However many people even think of them as little bums too! Native to South Africa they have adapted to need very little water and usually survive through mists or fog. They have the custest papery flowers much like cacti and usually bloom about once a year. Discovered by botanist William John burchill in the 1800s on an expedition. Check out this in depth article on them here!

Botanical name: 

Common name: Living Stones

Kingdom: Plantae

Family: Aizoaceae

Genus: Lithops

Origin: South Africa

Light: Bright light

Water: Very sensitive to overwatering. Wait till you see the plant get wrinkly or soft and only give a tiny amount of water. Try misting the soil instead, to prevent overwatering. They can use water as little as every 3 months.

Fertilizer: Sensitive to fertilizing best to opt for cacti fertilizers or a weak foliar spray during growing periods.

Pet Friendly: Yes

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