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Life Junkie

Lights Down Low Candle | Good Vibes Collection Life Junkie

Lights Down Low Candle | Good Vibes Collection Life Junkie

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This candle was inspired by all things love, romance and setting the mood with the Light Down Low …
This is a romantic yet well rounded, smooth candle and is a crowd favourite.
It is curious how much that people who don’t even like roses really love this candle. The tonic and tobacco round this beauty so well to balance feminine with masculine perfectly.
It is blended to perfection!!

Rose, tonka, tobacco

All of our candles are made with…

  • love

  • 100% Premium soy

  • Phthalate free essential oils and / or fragrance oil 

  • Lead-free cotton wicks

  • Petroleum & phthalate free, vegan & cruelty-free

All candles are embedded with a gemstone and are charged with Reiki healing energy. Our candles are meant to warm your space with glowing light and love, enhance the ambience with delightful scents and exude good juju for you to enjoy for hours and hours.


Good Vibes Series

There is so much going on in the world and it just doesn’t seem to let up! From pandemic to politics, it feels overwhelming and I am reminded of the song, “what the world needs now, is love, sweet love” and this collection is meant to embody that!! Thanks largely in part to my Mindfulness practice, I am finding gratitudes in the simplest of things and am taking in all the Good Vibes and want to share all the greatness!

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