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Life Junkie

Bath Salts 150g | Life Junkie

Bath Salts 150g | Life Junkie

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We love infusing more of our world with more goodness, delightful scents and good vibes and have created more products to being this to life.

Our soaks are intended to help you conquer the stresses of the day, to promote relaxation, a deeper connection to self and to create a positive space for you and your world.  Take time out of your day for yourself with our soaks to help you relax, feel calm, reduce inflammation, soothe muscles and aches.  These soaks are developed to help improve your mood, reduce anxieties, lift your spirits and have you feeling the good juju.

  • Our soaks are formulated with Epsom salt, Himalayan salt, Dead Sea Salts & essential oils, (phthalate free) fragrance

  • dried flowers ** Please specify if you want the flowers on the side **

  • bags or glass jars are available

Self-love:  sandalwood, blue sage, vanilla
epsom salt, black and pink Himalayan salts, Dead sea salt

Recharge:  blood orange, green tea and pear
epsom salt, pink Himalayan, dead sea salt & salt

Just Breathe:  eucalyptus, spearmint, mint, vanilla
epsom salt, pink Himalayan salt, dead sea salt

Soothe:  wild fig, cassis, sandalwood, blue sage
epsom salt, pink Himalayan salt, dead sea salt

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