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Large Ribbed Pillar Candles

Large Ribbed Pillar Candles

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Natural soy pillar candles in gorgeous colours. These large ribbed pillar candles make a great centerpiece for dining tables or bedside tables. Their eye-catching appearances make them the perfect housewarming gifts or wedding gifts.

We stock the cream and terracotta and available in two sizes.

7cm x 13cm(height), weights 360g.

7cm x 20cm(height), weights 600g.

***Unlike your normal, flat-surfaced candles, sculpture candles can be leaky when burning. Please use a candle dish/bowl to hold wax drippings and keep the burning candle away from drafts, vents, and air currents.***

***Please note, because items are handmade, slight color variation may occur. Each one of them is one of a kind.***

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