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Inch Plant - Green

Inch Plant - Green

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Tradescantia is an attractive evergreen perennial in the spiderwort family, Commelinaceae. It's commonly known by the names Cobweb Spiderwort and White Velvet. Succulent leaves which are covered densely in soft, white, cobwebby and woolly hairs. Pretty little 3-petalled pink-purple flowers appear in the summer at the tips of stems, between the leaves. 

Light: Full sun to partial shade

Water: Lightly water in well drained soil, can tolerate briefly drying out being waterings 

Pets: Yes, pet friendly. 

Kingdom: Plantae

Family: Commelinaceae

Genus: Tradescantia

Botanical name: Tradescantia sillamontana

Common name: White Velvet, Green Inch Plant 

Plants in picture will not be exact plant.




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