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Sweet Peas | Cuthbertson | Seeds

Sweet Peas | Cuthbertson | Seeds

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Lathyrus odoratus. The Cuthbertson Blend is a very highly scented mix of sweet peas in shades of pink, cream, white with picotee edging, and lavender. This variety of sweet pea seeds are a Spencer type - late blooming among sweet peas, but early among the Spencers. Bred for cut flowers, this fragrant variety will climb to 2m (6') on a trellis with no trouble at all. Be sure to pick off all the spent flowers as you see them, and any seed pods that might develop. This will keep the vines blooming over a much longer period. This variety was originally bred by Frank Cuthbertson of San Francisco for its superior bloom time and long cutting stems.


    • Annual
    • Very fragrant
    • Grows to 1.8m (6') tall
    • Easy to grow
    • Full sun

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