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Seeds | Nastursiums Glories Gleam

Seeds | Nastursiums Glories Gleam

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This semi-trailing Nasturtium wanders 1m (36") and more. Large, fragrant, double and semi-double flowers come in a beautiful range of colours. Encourage it to climb by tying. Sow Glorious Gleam nasturtium seeds to fill in a large area quickly. Glorious Gleam Nasturtium seeds can be direct sown in the late spring or early summer. Try them in hanging baskets or along a rock wall. All Nasturtiums tend to self sow, but they are tender plants and easy to control. The leaves, flowers, and seeds of this nasturtium are edible, and the flowers bring a rich visual pop to salads and smart drinks. An AAS Winner in 1935.


    • Hardy annual
    • Double and semi-double flowers
    • Encourage to climb by tying
    • Semi-trailing to 1m (36")
    • Fills a large area quickly

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