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Venus Fly Trap | Luna Orb

Venus Fly Trap | Luna Orb

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Elevate your plant game with this ready to go planter in a hanging glass orb.

 Botanical Name: Dionacea muscipula dente- green

Carnivorous plants have evolved to digest bugs to get the nutrients they need to survive. These plants can be relatively easy to care for if a certain plant care routine is provided. They do best in acidic and moisture retentive soil mediums like peat moss. They do not like to dry out and they also need rain or distilled water. They are sensitive to higher ph levels that you would find in tap waters. They need direct light 4-6 hours and of course the occasional bug to feast on. Do not use synthetic fertilizers for carnivorous plants. 

For fly traps every time you set their traps off for amusement this draws energy from the plant resulting in death over time. If you ever see the plant put up a flower stalk cut back immediately or it will die putting it's energy to the flower. 




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