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Life Junkie

Mindfulness Bundle Candles | Mindfulness Collection Life Junkie

Mindfulness Bundle Candles | Mindfulness Collection Life Junkie

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Welcome to the Mindfulness 3-pack; otherwise known as the Bundle of Joy. These beauties are in a beautiful 4oz rose gold travel tin; perfect sample size and great for a smaller space.

This bundle of joy includes some of the Mindfulness Series best sellers : Joy, Self Love and Cleanse

This scent is fresh, bright, full of life and joy.
Lemon, orange, ginger, apple

Self Love
This slightly sweet scent embodies gentle, sweet compassion, kindness and love.
Sandalwood, blue sage and vanilla

This scent is a bright, fresh and calming scent
Fresh air, cypress, lavender

About our candles…

  • 100% Premium soy

  • Phthalate free essential oils and / or fragrance oil that is Phthalate free

  • Cotton wick

  • Embedded with one or more gemstones

  • Charged with Reiki energy

Mindfulness Series

The very origin Life Junkie came from a place of healing and growth.  
I have spent years learning, growing and embracing mindfulness and spirituality.  For me, the path to Mindfulness was not the quickest or easiest route but it continues to prove to be the path that radiates and energy and love from me.

In 2020 when the world was in flux and full of negative energies and businesses and people scrambling due to COVID; I took a chance on myself and signed up for a course that really set so many wheels in motion and a new found love of mindfulness practices. This course was called Simplify to Clarify and it did just that! For me it was a metaphorical mirror that was held up to show me versions of myself I forgot, who I am becoming and who I no longer want to be… And so was born a sisterhood and a new daily practice of Mindfulness and love.

I know first hand that mindfulness practices have lowered my stress levels and it is key for mental health. It has become apparent to me that self care and mindfulness should be a long term practice that we incorporate into our daily lives so we harness the soulful flourishing and nourishment.  

My wish for you is that this candle and the love inside brings you all you need in this moment. I hope the affirmations / mantras on these candles resonates with you and that you find the scents compliment the name and provides you an inviting environment to channel all of the good energy of the universe and provide light and love always


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