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Cactus | Euphorbia Enopla 'Pincushion'

Cactus | Euphorbia Enopla 'Pincushion'

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Euphorbia Enopla is a plant of the genus Euphorbia also known as Pincushion Euphorbia. This cactus is famous for its green stem with red-purple or brown spines. Each spine can grow up to 6 cm. Leaves are very tiny and remain only briefly on the plant before falling off.
SUN : Full sun

WATERING :Water thoroughly when the soil is completely dry

FLOWERING :Small yellow flowers

TOXICITY :Toxic to animals

GROWTH: Columnar, up to 1m

Botanical name: Euphorbia Enopla

Common name: Pincushion 

Plants in pictures are examples only.

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